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Top tourist place and attraction in Gharghoda, Chhattisgarh India || घरघोड़ा में घुमने लायक स्थान

 Top tourist place and attraction in Gharghoda

  • Baigin Dokri Mandir
  • Banjari temple and Banjari Taalab
  • Hilly area of Barjhariya
  • Gharghoda City

Baigin Dokri Mandir

Baigin dokri mandir is a beautiful mandir of devi durga Also known as Mata Mandir is a best place visit in Gharghoda chhattisgarh India. Baigin Dokai temple is located near the community health center on Dharamjaigarh road from Gharghoda city, this temple is famous in the form of Durga for the famous Baigin Dokri in Chhattisgarh. Devotees come from far and wide to see this temple, especially during Navratri.

Banjari Temple and Banjari Taalab

Banjari temple is located near Gharghoda-Raigarh Road, The most special thing about this temple is that the pond of this temple has been made in such a way that when seen from above, the map of India is visible, and this temple is only 20 km away from Raigarh, and is the only such pond in Chhattisgarh. Banjari Mata temple is at a distance of about 20 kilometers from Raigarh.
The grandeur of this temple, which has been a center of faith for the last many years, is increasing day by day.

Temples of other Gods and Goddesses have also been built around this very beautiful temple and there is a beautiful garden as well as a pond. A large number of devotees come here to visit the temple and also to enjoy the beauty of this place. Are. 

Barjhariya hill

Barjhariya is a beautifull tourist attraction near Raikera Gharghoda Chhattisgarh. This is a small mountain which is located in the village named Raikera.
Devotees of Lord Shiva come here in large numbers to worship in the month of Saavan. There are many trees and plants here among which worship is organized here in the month of Sawan.

Gharghoda City

Gharghoda is a developing city which comes under Raigarh district, various kinds of events are seen here which tempt people to come to this city. You must visit this city on Wednesday because there is a weekly market on Wednesday which is filled with different types of shops.

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