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One liner question, soil science question and answer, Authentic question answer related to soil science

Authentic question answer related to soil science

Soil science question and answer

One liner

Question Answer
Bitter pit in apple fruit is due to Calcium deficiency in soil
Blossom end rot is due to deficiency of Calcium
Hollow heart in sugarbeet is due to deficiency of Boron
Whiptail of cauliflower is due to Molybdenum dificiecy
White bud of Corn (Maize) is due to deficiency of Zink deficiency
Brittle leaf occurs due to deficiency of Ca (calcium)
Deficiency appears as short inter nodes of plant Nitrogen
Essentially of Boron is postulated by Warrington
Die back of Citrus occurs due to Cu deficiency
Downward cuping of leaf in Tobacco crop is due to Deficiency of S
Burning of leaf also burning appearance of leaf due to Deficiency of K
Complete interveinal chlorosis occurs due to Mn deficiency
Crop having highest tolerance to Boron is Sugarbeet
Deflocculation is occurs due to Sodium
highest acidic soil found in state West Bengal
Gypsum requirement is given by Schoonover
Soil classification genetc system is given by V V Dokuchaiev
The book "fundamentals of soil physics" is written by Hillel. D
Five weathering stages given by Mohar Vanbaren
Five type of soil factors are given by Jenny 1941
What is the first phase of soil formation Weathering
Fertilizer prices committee was established in January 1976
First essential micro nutrient discovered Iron 1844
Essentiality of Zn and Cu given by Emmer 1924
Estimation available P in sodic soil is the process of Olsen method
What is the percentage of Zn in zinc sulphate monohydrate 35%
Fertility gradient approach is given by B Ramamorthy
Who is the father of Soil testing Troug
Total main horizones in soil are 5
Indicator plant of Cu Wheat
Browning in cauliflower is du to Boron

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