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Agriculture related revolution 2023, all agriculture revolution with their father,

All agriculture revolution with their father

Green revolution - 

  • father of green revolution - N.E. Borlauge
  • father of green revolution in India - M.S. Swaminathan
  • green revolution is related to - Production of Food grains like Rice , Wheat

White revolution - link

  • white revolution is related to Milk production
  • father of white revolution - Vargese kurean

Black revolution- 

  • Black revolution is related to Jatropha or Petroleum production
  • father - Ministry of Petroleum

Brown revolution - 

  • brown revolution is related to Leather production or food processing
  • father of brown revolution - Heera lal Choudhary

Grey revolution - 

  • grey revolution is related to fertilizer production

Yellow revolution - direct link

  • related to oilseed production

Blue revolution - 

  • related to fish production
  • father - Heera lal Choudhary and Arun krishnan

Golden revolution - 

  • golden revolution is related to - fruits and honey production
  • father of golden revolution - Nirpakh Tutej 

Pink revolution- 

  • related to prawns and onion production
  • father of pink revolution - Durgesh patel

Red revolution - 

  • related to Meat and Tomato production
  • father - Vishal Tiwari

Silver revolution - 

  • related to Egg production

Orange revolution - 

  • production of citrus fruits

Badami kranti - 

  • production of spices

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