Common name of fruit crops important for cg rheo || Chhattisgarh vyapam RHEO preparation 4


 Common name of fruit crops important for cg rheo :

here we provide a table of various fruits common names:

Fruit Common Names
Fruit Common Names
Mango King of fruit, bathroom fruit
Banana Adam’s Fig, Tree of Wisdom, Tree of Paradise, kalpataru, Apple of Paradise
Jack fruit Monkey fruit
Avocado Butter fruit
Kivi fruit China miracle, Wonder of Newzeland
Mangosteen Queen of fruit
Phalsa Star apple
Guava Apple of Tropics
Ber Poor Man’s fruit, king of Arid fruit, Chinese fig, Chinese date
Carambola Star fruit, Five corner fruit
Apple King of temperate fruit
Papaya Melon tree
Coconut Kalpavriksha
Tea Queen of Beverage crops
Cocoa Food of god
Cashew Dollar earning crop, Plough crop, Gold mine of waste land
Jamun Indian black berry, Black palm, Java palm
Pecanut Queen of nuts
Walnut King of nuts

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