Top 20 one liner question answer related to CG Vyapam RHEO (gramin uddhan vistar adhikari)


Most important question for Chhattisgarh RHEO exam :

Top important question for cg vyapam agriculture and horticulture preparation of Rural Horticulture Extension Officer RHEO, if you want to explore answer click the "Answer " button to get answer of any question.

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Q: Kapuravalli is variety of which crop?
A: Kapuravalli is a variety of Banana crop, more about banana- fruit type of banana is Berry, Banana is also known as bay food, kalptaru, apple of paradise or tree of paradise, Matooke is a fermanted product made from Banana.
Q: Sulabh is a variety of ?
Ivy gaurd or Kundaru .
Q:Aroma of grapes is due to presence of?
Methyle anthranilate .
Q: Conardia is a varaety of which crop?
Conardia is a famous variety og Fig, The variety Excel is related to Fig.
Q: Winter banana is a variety of?
Q: Sweet Banana is related to which crop?
A: Sweet banana is a variety of Capsicum.
Q: Male bud of banana is known as?
A: Navel, de naveling means removal of male part of banana flowering.
Q: Supporting of pseudostem of Banana is?
A: Propping.
Q: Bullnose is a variety of ?
A: Capsicum.
Q: Bullnose is a disorder of which crop?
A: Bullnose is a important disorder of Rose plants.
Q: Arka chandan is variety of?
A: Pumpkin variety.
Q: Bitter pit is related to which fruit?
A: Bitter pit is a disorder of Apple.
Q: Mc intosh is a variety of ?
A: Apple.
Q: Bartlett is a variety of ?
A: Pear.
Q: Santa rosa is a variety of which crop?
A: Plums famous variety.
Q: Satluj is varity of?
A: Plum fruits.
Q: Nugget is a variety of?
A: Apricoat and Marygold both.
Q: Red coat is variety of?
A: strawberry.
Q: Exocortis is related to?
A: Citrus disease due to voiroids .
Q: Rhinoceros beetle is an insect of ?
A: Coconut.

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