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What is G20 Summit , G20 summit kya hai , G20 summit 2023 in India details

What is G20 Summit , G20 summit kya hai , G20 summit 2023 in India details 

The G20 or group of 20 countries is an intergovernmental forum comprised of 19 sovereign countries, the European .union and African union. in 2023 G20 summit in India and India is presidency  country of 2023.

Inception of G20 

The G20 was founded in 1999 after Asia financial crisis as a forum for the finance minister and Central Banks Governors to discuss global economic and financial issue. (to discuss all over or global economical and financial issues)

Responsibility of G20

G 20 Presidency is responsible for bringing together the G20  Agenda in consultation with other members and response to developments in the global economy.

What is the Troika 

To insure the continuity, the presidency is supported by a "Troika" which is made up  of the current, immediate, past and next host countries. 

During India's presidency the troika (members) of  the G20 Indonesia, India or Brazil.

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