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Plant breeding and genetics related question answer


‘Mitosis’ term was 1st given by? 
Walter Flemming (1882)
Plants that owe their resistance by avoidance are called as? Water savers
Semi-conservative replication was postulated by? Watson and Crick
The double helix model of DNA proposed by? 
Watson and Crick (1953)
“Germ Plasm” theory given by? Weisman (1889)
Atlas-66 is an important source of high protein in?Wheat
The colour of the tag prescribed for foundation seed? White
Source of male sterile cytoplasm in rice is? Wild Abortive
X-ray crystallography of purified DNA is revealed by? Wilkins, Franklin
The hypothesis which explains that allopolyploids evolved by inter-specific hybridization followed by chromosome doubling is? Winge Hypothesis
The seed collections that are meant to use actively in breeding programmes is? Working collections
WTO’ means? 
World Trade Organisation
The tag colour or label of a Breeder seed is? Yellow
High silica content in rice leaves and stem confers resistance against? Yellow stem borer
Selection for one trait would reduce the yield is referred as? Yield penalty
Storage protein in maize is? Zein
Left hand coiling is seen in? Z-form DNA

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