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plant breeding question answer table 2


Which organelle of cell is known as dustbin of cell?Vacuoles
First inter-specific hybrid of cotton was? Varalaxmi
The Central Seed Testing laboratory is located in? Varanasi & Nagpur
The resistance of host to the particular race of a pathogen is known as? Vertical resistance
Complete failure of vertical resistance leads to a disease epidemic called as? Vertifolia effect
is the capability of seeds to show living properties? Viability
Progeny Test is also known as? 
Vilmorin isolation principle
Clones are said to be immortal, but deteriorate due to? 
Viral infections and Mutations
Capacity of a pathogen to incite a disease is called as? Virulence
Negative interference is observed in? Viruses
Bajra is a rich source of?Vit.A & B
Plants produce seeds that germinate before they detach from the parent are? Viviparous plants
In India seed certification is? Voluntary
The progeny obtained from a cross between two facultative apomicts is? Vybrid
The term ‘Genetics’ was coined by?W. Bateson (1905)
The term chromosome was coined by? Waldeyer in 1888


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