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Crop 1 Wheat , question answer related to wheat

 Question-answer related to wheat:

1Botanical name of Mexican dwarf  wheat (87%area)?Triticum aestivum (2n=42)
2Family?  Grammineae
3Origin?South West Asia(Turkey)
4Protein percent ?              www.books2vyapam.com10-12%
5Fat percent ?1.5%
6Fiber present ?1.2%
7Carbohydrate percent ?67-72%
8Shelling percent of ?60%
9Harvest index?40-45%
10How many tillers in 1 m square area in wheat field ?230-340
11Test weight  (1000 seed)?40 gram
12Nitrogen Bio fertilizer used for wheat?Azotobacter
13100 grams wheat provides how much calories?327 calories
14Yellow colour of Durum and Suji flour due to which carotenoid pigment?Lutein
15World staple food is?     www.books2vyapam.comWheat
16Wheat also known as ?King of cereals
17Inflorescence known as ?Ear/spike/ Head
18The type of fruit of wheat is?Caryopsis
19Central zigzag axis of wheat grain is known as ?Rachis
20Seed rate of wheat is?100 kg/ha
21Seed rate wheat for Salt affected soil and late Sowing?125 kg/ha
22Seed rate for Sowing by dibbler?30 kg/ha
23Seed rate in zero tillage?140 kg/ha
24Seed rate of hybrid wheat?67 kg/ha
25Showing time of wheat for better production ?Mid Oct. to Mid Nov.
26New method of wheat sowing is? FIRB*
27Plant spacing?22.5 cm ×  5cm
28Which gene responsible for Dwarfness in wheat is?Norin-10
29Norin-10 gene was brought to USA by ?S.c. salamone 1984
30The dwarf winter variety of wheat first time developed through using Norin gene by ?Dr. O.A.Vogel (USA)
31Wheat protein is called as?Glutein
32Protein which is essential for good great quality and making roti?

33Cropping intensity of maize-potato-wheat? 300%
34Wheat, cotton, tobacco and oat are?Allopolyploids
35A method of breeding for wheat? Pure line selection method
36Multiline breeding is exploited widely in the crop?Wheat
37Cleistogamy was found in?Wheat and Barley
38Spacing of row to row? 22.5 cm
39Spacing of Rainfed wheat?25-30 cm x 5-6 cm
40spacing of late sown?15-16cm
41Ethrel is used as Gametocide for? Wheat, Rice and Sugar beet
42Pseudo cereal is? Buck Wheat
43Which crop having highest percentage of irrigation?Wheat
44Multi lines in wheat are produced by ? Back cross breeding
45The scientific name of Pink Stem Borer? Sesamia inferens
46Wheat stem borer sesamia inferns attack in? Night
47Allo-Hexaploidy found in? Wheat
48National average yield of wheat is?22 q/ha
49In India , the maximum acreage and production of wheat is in?UP
50Common bread wheat is known as? Triticum aestivum
51When seed is dropped by hand in furrow it’s known as?  Kera method
52Seminal roots are?   www.books2vyapam.comTemporary roots
53bulk density of soil gm/cm for good crop of wheat1.5
54Wheat is a?Hexaploid plant (2n = 42)
55The Mexican dwarf wheat is?Triticum aestivum (2n = 42)
56The bread wheat is?Triticum vulgare (2n= 42)
57Marconi wheat is?Triticum durum (2n= 28)
58Indian dwarf/Club wheat is?Triticum spherococum (2n= 28)
59Emmer wheat is known as? Triticum dicoccum (2n= 28)
60The highest grown wheat species in India?Triticum aestivum (87%)
61Macaroni Wheat is known as? Exported wheat
62First man made cereal is?Triticale
63Triticale is a crossing of?Wheat X Rye


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