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genetics and plant breeding related question and answer

Here we provide authentic study material related to plant breeding and genetics that are also helpful to prepare exams like agriculture, state govt. exam, chhattisgarh vyapam, NCERT syllabus and state govt recruitment exams

Triplet sequence in t-RNA? Anticodon
When RBC’s have antigen A on their surface and antibody B on serum the blood group is? A Blood group
Alterative form of a gene is known as?Allele
Sex chromosomes are also known as? allosomes
Functional gametes are formed only due to? Alternate segregation
Chromosomes are seen as smallest in? Anaphase
Which is shortest phase of Mitosis?Anaphase
Self pollinated species are also known as? Autogamous species
Development of seed by self-pollination is?Autogamy
Sugarcane, Cotton and Brassica are?Autopolyploids
Potato is a?Autotetraploid
The cultivated banana is a?Autotriploid
The crossing of F1 with one of its parents is called? Back Cross
The best method for developing disease resistant plants is?Back crossing
Male sterility is transferred by? Backcross method

Phenotypic ratio of Monocross hybrid?3:1
_____% of moisture is ideal for certified seeds of Rice? 13%
For every generation of selfing heterozygosity is reduced at a rate of? 50%
GATT’ agreement was came into force in? 1948
HYVP was state in? 1966
In India the seeds act was enacted in the year by the parliament.? 1966
In India the seeds act came into effect in the year? 1969
In India seed labeling is? Compulsory
Reciprocal recurrent selection method is 1st developed by?Comstock, Robinson and Harvey
The term Lysosome was 1st used by? Duve (1955)
Photosynthesis inhibitor is?DCMU
Dominance theory was proposed by? Devenport in 1908
Haploid are developed by? Anther culture
Isolation of hybrids and developing haploids by anthers/ovary
Detrimental effect of host plant on the development of insect is called as? Antibiosis

The theory of inheritance was proposed by?G.J Mendel
Laws of heredity were first discovered by?G.J.Mendel
In Haploid organisms, non-dividing cells are blocked in? G2 phase
Formation of male flowers is induced by?GA3
Mendal works on the 7 contrasting characters of crop? Garden pea
Father of biochemical genetics? Garrod
Pollen from a flower of one plant falls on the stigmas of other flowers of the same plant?Geitonogamy
Strategic use of major genes by deploying them over space and time to avoid phenomenon of boom and bust is referred as? Gene deployment
Expression of transgenes in plants is effected by? Gene silencing, Chromosome arrangement, Pleiotrophy
“GATT’ means (Now WTO)? General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
The ‘Father of Modern Genetics’? T.H. Morgan
Father of Genetics?Gregor John Mendel
Transformation experiments were carried by? Griffith
First inter-varietal hybrid of cotton was? H-4(C.T. patel  1970)
Significance of nucleus was given by? Hammerling,
Gamete is: Sexual unit Gregg-399 is an important source of genetic male sterility in?Cotton
Hand pollination during commercial seed production is practiced in?Cotton
Hybridization is common in crop?Cotton
Transgenic genetic male sterility is used  commercially for hybrid seed production in? Crucifers
Triplet sequence found in mRNA which codes for single amino acid? Codon
The isolation distance prescribed for the production of Hybrid Paddy seeds? Foundation Class-200 metres, Certified class 100 metres
Which is the progeny of breeder seed? Foundation Seed
Registered seed is produced from ?Foundation seed
Certified seed is produced from? Foundation Seed/Registered Seed
How many daughter cells are formed in one cycle of meiosis?? Four
The term genetic resources was coined by? Frankel
Proportion of variability expressed as phenotype is? Free variability
Formation of ice crystals inter and intra cellular level is due to? Freezing stress
Plant tissue culture was begun by? G Haberlandt (german botanist) in 1808
Source of male sterile cytoplasm in cotton is? G. harkness

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