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plant breeding and genetics related authentic question answer part- 2

When male and female flowers of a hermaphrodite flower matures at different time?Dichogamy
Chiasmata occurs at? Diplotene stage
An abnormal condition produced by an organism is called as? Disease
The process of separation of chromatids called? Disjunction
CGMS system is also called as? Nucleoplasmic male sterility
Nitrogen base + Pentose sugar along with phosphate group is called as? Nucleotides
Controlling centre of cell? Nucleus
Largest organelle in eukaryotic cell is?Nucleus
Sphagnum mass is used as a in?Nursery Growing media
All viruses are Obligate parasites
Modern cultivars of recent past are called as? Obsolete cultivars
The lagging strand replication is discontinuous and produces polynucleotide fragments called as? Okazaki fragments
Vertical resistance is governed by? One or few genes
OMIM stands for? Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
The parent with desirable character which is to be transferred to other parent in cross is? Donar parent
Inability of freshly harvested seeds to germinate for a period of time is known as? Dormancy
The technique used to detect the presence of given sequence of DNA/RNA in sample of DNA’s is? DOT Blot technique
The ratio between the observed frequencies of? Double crossovers
Rapeseed varieties with low erucic acid and low glucosinolates are called as? Double zero varieties
Trisomy of chromosome 21 in humans leads to? Down’s syndrome
Progeny selection is also known as?Ear to row method of selection
When superiority of the hybrid to the standard commercial check variety? Economic heterosis
Trisomy of chromosome 18 in humans leads to? Edward’s syndrome
Removal of stamens or anthers or killing of pollen to prevent selfing is known as? Emasculation
Characterizing of large regions of chromosomes is by? Chromosome walking
A group of species with common evolutionary ancestry is called as? Clade
Pollination and fertilization occurs before opening of flower is termed as?Cleistogamy
An exact genetic replica of a specific gene or an entire organism is?Clone
Identical plants developed from a single mother plant vegetatively are known as? Clones
Glucose also called?Dextrose
Variation observed in in-vitro cultured plants is called as? Somaclonal variation
In which cells does mitosis occur? Somatic cells
The inflorescence of Banana, Arecanut, Coconut, Datepalm ?Spadix
Wheat variety resistant to all the three rust is?Sparrow, Chhoti lerma
Excessive performance of a cross over and above the expected performance of GCA of parents is called as? Specific combining ability
Process of generation of mature RNA is called as? Splicing
The incompatibility reaction of pollen is controlled by the genotype of plant which it is produced is called as? Sporophytic self-incompatibility
The selection which favors the intermediate phenotype and acts against the extremes is called as? Stabilizing selection
The concept of gamete selection to increase the frequency of superior gametes was given by? Stadler
Process in which pollination and fertilization takes place but developing embryos abort after sometime is? Stenospermocarpy
The process of using information (genetic material) from DNA to construct m-RNA?Transcription
m-RNA is primarily used for? Transcription of DNA
Genetic transformation in animal cells is? Transfection
A genotype developed by the process of genetic engineering is called? Transgenic
Plants that have been genetically produced using recombinant DNA techniques is called? .Transgenic plants
Unstained and dividing cells are studied using? Phase contrast microscope
A tall pea plant (DD) and a tall pea plant (Dd) have what in common? Phenotype
Clones have identical genotypes but not in? Phenotype
Mass selection is always based on?Phenotype
The primary accepter of electron in PS-II is?Pheophytin
Bajra is a cross pollinated crop due to?Protogyny condition
When female matures before male?Protogyny
Physical basis of life by Huxely is? Protoplasm
The cells without cell wall? Protoplasts
Instrument used to measure tissue water potential is? Psycrometer
Father of genetic engineering is? Paul Berg
The lines are homozygous and homogeneous in nature called as? Pure line
Breeding method for self-pollinated crops are ? Pure line selection, Mass Selection, Progeny selection, Bulk Method, Pedigree method, single seed descent method, Back Cross Method
Progeny of a single self pollinated crop is ?Pureline
All available varieties in self pollinated crops are? Purelines

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