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Acing Agriculture Exams: Comprehensive Q&A for All Levels || General agriculture question answer 2

Agriculture Q&A
Question Answer
A fruit plant which can be layered easily is? Litchi
A fruit rich in fat content? Avocado (77% fat)
A fruit rich in Vitamin-A content? Mango
A fruit ripens only after harvest is? Avocado
Soft mildew, brown plaster mould, green mould, bubble disease etc., are fungal diseases of? Mushroom
A crop grown for direct sale rather than for livestock feed or a crop grown by a farmer primarily for sale to others rather than for his or her own use is? Cash Crops
A fertilized ovule consisting of intact embryo, stored food, and seed-coat which is viable and has the capacity to germinate is called? Seed
A disease that results in the collapse and death of seedlings before or after they emerge from the soil is known as? Damping off
2, 4-D, Simazine, Atrazine, and Fluchloralin belong to the selectivity group? Selective herbicides
2, 4-D belongs to which chemical group? Chlorophenoxy compound
Which was the first enzyme discovered by yeast? Zymase 1897 (Eduard Buchner)
Which are the vectors of yellow vein mosaic disease of Okra? White fly & Leaf hopper
1 bale of cotton is equal to? 170 kg
14 commercial banks were nationalized on? 19th July, 1969
Which was the first Intergeneric hybrid? Raphino brassica (Radish x Cabbage)
2, 4-D controls only? Broadleaf weeds
A certain part of energy received from the sun, is reflected back to space by the earth known as? Albedo
A family consists of husband, wife and their children known as? Nuclear family
A condition in which either pollen is absent or non functional in flowering plants? Male Sterility
A cucurbit used in confectionary? Ash Gourd
Which are the main components of cattle feedstuffs? Concentrates & Roughages
A cropping system where the land is handed over for the succeeding crop before the harvest of the standing crop? Relay or overlapping cropping
A farmer having an area of less than 1 hectare? Marginally farmer
A forest system which promotes commercial tree growing by farmers on their own land? Farm Forestry
An art of growing trees or woody plants shaped as trees in containers? Bonsai

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