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Computer related Full Forms , full form of PDF

 Computer Related full forms

Computer Hardware

  1. BIOS- Basic Input Output System
  2. CD- Compact Disk
  3. CPU– Central Processing Unit
  4. DVD- Digital Video Disk
  5. FDD- Floppy Disk Drive
  6. HDD- Hard Disk Drive
  7. HDMI- High Definition Multimedia Interface
  8. LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
  9. LED- Light Emitting Diode
  10. MMC- Multi-Media Card
  11. NTFS- New Technology File System
  12. PDF- Portable Document Format
  13. Prom- Programmable Read-Only Memory
  14. RAM– Random Access Memory
  15. ROM- Read-only Memory
  16. SMPS- Switch Mode Power Supply
  17. SSD- Solid State Drive
  18. UPS- Uninterrupted Power Supply
  19. USB- Universal Serial Bus
  20. VDU- Visual Display Unit
  21. VGA- Video Graphics Array
  22. Computer Softwares
  23. ALU- Arithmetic Logic Unit
  24. DVI- Digital Visual Interface
  25. OS- Operating System
  26. VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Seige

 Computer Related full forms

Computer Memory

 1. KB- Kilobyte

2. MB- Mega Byte

3. GB- Giga Byte 

4. TB- Tera Byte

5. PB- Penta Byte

6. EB- EXA Byte

7. ZB- Zeta Byte

Computer Related full forms

Computer courses

      1. ADCA– Advance Diploma in Computer Application
      2. BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application
      3. COPA- Computer Operator cum Programming Assistant
      4. CSE- Computer Science Engineering
      5. DCA- Diploma in Computer Application
      6. DCE- Diploma in Computer Engineering
      7. IT- Information Technology
      8. MCA- Master of Computer Application
    1. Computer Networking

      1. 2G- 2nd Generation
      2. 3G- 3rd Generation
      3. 4G- 4th Generation
      4. 5G- 5th Generation
      5. CDMA full form- Code Division Multiple Access
      6. DNS- Domain Name System
      7. GPRS- General Packet Radio Service
      8. GSM- Global System for Mobile Communication
      9. HTML- HyperText Markup language
      10. IP- Internet Protocol
      11. ISP- Internet Service Provider
      12. SIM- Subscriber Identity Module
      13. URL- Uniform Resource Locator
      14. VPS- Virtual Private Server
      15. WAN- Wide Area Network
      16. WIFI- Wireless Fidelity
      17. WLAN- Wireless Local Area Network
      18. WWW- World Wide Web

      Computer file formats

      1. 4K- 4000
      2. GIF- Graphical Interchangeable Format
      3. HD- High Definition
      4. MP3- MPEG Audio Layer 3
      5. UHD- Ultra High Definition


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